5 tips to increase results in insurance sector

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Want to increase your sales and operations revenue? In this article we share 5 tips to increase the ROI of your insurance contact center.

The insurance industry is saturated with competitive products and brands. Potential customers are hyper-connected and use a variety of channels to choose their providers. Once they are in the buying process, they are looking for the best price, quality of service, and brand loyalty. Therefore, you need to stand out from the competition and build loyalty with existing customers. To do this, you need to optimize your insurance contact center solution.

Keep reading to find out some tips for increasing the ROI of an insurance company’s operations:

Segment your contact list

Segmentation divides contact lists into different groups to optimize dialing processes and results. It uses parameters such as gender, income or age to define segments. By doing this it allows you to create business attribute definitions for each list, control dialing segments by interaction channels, time intervals, KPIs and others.

Develop scripts for successful campaigns

A campaign script guides agents through conversations and highlights what needs to be said at the right time. It also reduces training time as agents navigate through the script, rather than the application interface.

Omnichannel Support

An omnichannel contact center solution allows insurance companies to maximize digital channels and use customer data to increase conversions and grow their business. It also makes it easy to be where your customers are, allowing you to serve all types of customers and meet them in the channel they prefer.

Automate your insurance contact center

Time spent on technical, repetitive tasks is wasted and affects performance. Each automated activity equals more time for agents to do what they do best: sell insurance policies. When the customer requires expertise, provide an agent. Reducing or eliminating administrative and manual tasks will significantly increase your sales results.

Lead management time

The Internet has made it easier to buy insurance, but it has also created more competition, as customers can compare policies online in a matter of minutes.
Insurance comparators provide leads to insurers in real time. But insurers need to do their part and follow up with the prospect as soon as possible.

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