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The Contact Center Cloud Platform, on the road to digital transformation today

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The need to reflect on decentralization and more flexible and personalized working models became the roadmap for digital transformation processes in the contact center sector. That is why, with the implementation of a Contact Center Cloud  Platform, it is possible to adjust to the new priorities of today, with innovative solutions that increasingly respond to customer demands and operation.

Cloud, the most “pretended” technology in recent months

Remote working is here to stay. We’ve heard this phrase a lot over the years and it already seems like a cliché, doesn’t it? However, there is no doubt that this working methodology has arrived to boost the continuity of business and day-to-day activities.

In concrete terms, cloud solutions allow you to work as if you were in the office, but from anywhere, without the need for complex and time-consuming installations, and above all with the flexibility and security that the operation deserves. 

Historically, one of the authors to whom this concept is attributed is Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. He aspired to a world in which everyone was connected and accessing information from anywhere. This is how the Cloud was born, with the sole objective of decentralizing operations and resources and enabling simpler access to information. From there, services began to appear that gave rise to a revolution of this model.

Today, cloud computing has transformed and continues to do so. Its impact worldwide is undeniable and it will certainly mark the technological trend in the coming years.

This is why it is expected that the Cloud will continue to gain ground in Contact Centers and even in other sectors and at a global level. This technology is essential for today’s businesses; agile, accessible, scalable, flexible, and with immediate execution.

Provide the best CX with Presence SmartCloud, Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center Cloud solution

Enghouse Interactive and Microsoft have formed a strategic partnership to host the Presence Suite All-in-One infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This allows them to provide enhanced capabilities to companies in their Customer Experience processes.

Presence SmartCloud is now Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center Cloud solution. It helps companies offer better experiences in a flexible, scalable, and secure platform.

This is how Enghouse Interactive accelerates the transformation, offering unique customer service, support, and communication to customers from any place and through any channel with Presence SmartCloud.

In short, Contact Center platforms in the Cloud are here to stay. They represent an evolution toward simplicity, speed, personalization, flexibility, pay-per-use, and agility.

The Cloud is leading the way and is establishing itself as the right solution to respond to changing trends, behaviors, and market needs.

With this in mind, it is not simply a matter of getting on the “train” of digital transformation, but it is also important to consider different factors before deciding on migration to the cloud. One of these factors, and the most important one, is the choice of the technology partner. You must be sure that the solution you decide to implement meets and resolves all your needs, both in terms of flexible licensing, security, support and reliability, and scalability.

If you want to know more about the partnership between Microsoft and Enghouse Interactive, just click on the button to download the infographic.