How to improve customer experience and loyalty with an omnichannel strategy for the insurance industry

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Maybe you’re already a little tired of hearing about customer experience everywhere, but without customers, what would your company be? The profitability of a good company lies in the satisfaction of its customers and the attraction of new ones, and for that, you need to provide them with an experience that makes them happy. Especially those service or intangible companies, where treatment and good service are everything, as is the case of insurance companies. But to achieve this, it is essential to think about the communication between your brand and your audience: what channels are you using and what is the strategy to make them work in line with your goals.

By this, we mean implementing an omnichannel strategy that gives you the possibility of offering several channels of communication with your customers, but also unifying them all to offer your customers a unique shopping experience that allows you to generate a relationship based on dialogue and understanding their needs from the very first interaction.

Building customer loyalty with an omnichannel strategy for the insurance industry

Customers are looking for homogeneity and cross-channels. In other words, they want to access any of their insurance company’s services through any of the available channels without being limited or restricted to certain operations on certain interaction platforms; they also want to be able to communicate through the different channels without having to repeat the information over and over again. Omni-channeling together with customer knowledge of needs is two key elements for building loyalty in the insurance sector.

Potential customers and current policyholders demand to receive a consistent experience across all channels. In fact, recent studies indicate that consumers use an average of 2.7 channels per query to communicate with companies and 90% of consumers expect consistency and continuity across channels.

According to data from the magazine, email is the most frequently used channel (82% of cases), ahead of the telephone (72%). It is followed by live chat (58%) and online self-service and FAQs (56%). Given the variety of channels and high consumer expectations, companies have a duty to avoid a fragmented customer experience. Instead, they must ensure that they can get what they are looking for quickly and easily if they want to build customer loyalty.

What do you need to implement an omnichannel strategy for your insurance company?

Implementing an omnichannel strategy is one of the main challenges faced by insurance companies because although they understand that they must provide customer service through different channels, it is something that goes beyond that. But once it is understood that the objective is to put the client at the center of the business strategy, understanding their needs and preferences, what remains is to have the necessary tools to put the plan into action.

When we talk about tools, we are clearly referring to technology, since any digital transformation has direct repercussions at the technological level. Fortunately, there are solutions like Enghouse’s, focused on ensuring that insurance companies can granitize an excellent experience and build customer loyalty with an omnichannel strategy for the insurance sector.

Our tool allows you to implement the omnichannel strategy thanks to the integration of multiple contact platforms (WhatsApp, webchat, videoconferencing, email). The key factor is that our system perfectly recognizes your customers and their relationship with your organization regardless of the channel they use. This allows you to maintain the context of each interaction at all times, facilitating fluid and personalized communication. A feature that is essential if we follow the “2020 Customer Expectations Report” prepared by Gladly, which indicates that 79% of people prefer personalized attention to specialized marketing and 86% expect conversations with agents to be seamless across channels.

But with our software for the Insurance sector, you can go further…

As a company that provides a user-centered solution, our main interest is to provide you with the tools to offer your customers what they need most. And one of the things that most interests a person when hiring an insurance service is the availability of attention because a claim can occur at the most unexpected moment.

That is why we have:

1. a system with which you can automate communications with your customers, achieving 24/7 interactions thanks to Artificial Intelligence. When the customer reports the claim, what he wants is to solve the problem as soon as possible. Therefore, all technologies and company professionals have to focus on reducing the time of all phases of the process so that the mechanic, the doctor or the plumber can assist him as soon as possible and at any time of the day.

2. Virtual assistance technology that allows users to resolve the simplest procedures quickly and without the need to speak to an agent.

As you can see, in a society increasingly adapted to digital reality, insurers cannot be left behind. It’s now or never: omnichannel is the future of this industry, but to make it happen it’s important to have the right technology to support your goals and build customer loyalty with an omnichannel strategy for the insurance sector.

Learn more about what you can achieve in your company by implementing our solution for the insurance industry.