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Migrating to the Cloud, what are the advantages for your Contact Center?

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We know that one of your biggest concerns when running a contact center is the implementation of technology that does not allow for efficiency in the operational processes and that generates cost overruns. As well as implementing technology that is not adapted to the operation and even that there are difficulties in integrating with existing systems.

In addition to these situations, remote work, despite representing an advantageous situation for contact centers, if not managed properly can cause problems in terms of lack of monitoring of agents, decreased productivity, and lack of control in the quality of service.

The cloud has come to revolutionize the business environment and for contact center business, has become the solution to continue offering its customers the same service without neglecting quality. A Cloud tool favors remote working and organizational productivity, as it allows operations to continue regardless of location.

Therefore, companies that implement technological solutions in the cloud will be able to take advantage of the flexibility that it provides, without worrying about decreases in productivity or the continuity of their business.

Maybe in your case, you used to think you had everything under control. Operations are running as they should, agents motivated and productive, and meeting your goals. So maybe you thought, why change the way you manage your contact center?.

Well, now with the unexpected situation generated by COVID-19, the decision to move operations to a cloud model is a necessity. 

So if you haven’t yet migrated to the cloud, now is your time. If, on the other hand, you are already in this process, make sure you have the technology partner and the ideal solution that meet your requirements.

Presence SmartCloud, Enghouse Interactive’s cloud solution

Presence SmartCloud is the most flexible Cloud Contact Center solution on the market. In this video, you will see the benefits, key factors, and why it is the best alternative.

The Digital Boom

It is clear that the impact of COVID-19 made it necessary to promote digital channels and e-commerce. The companies looked for new ways to continue their operations and to be in contact with customers through digital tools. And on the users’ side, we are increasingly looking for answers as soon as possible and in the first contact.

Therefore, it became indispensable to speed up digital transformation processes that motivated the adoption of tools as a solution to the current situation. The migration to a cloud model is thus the ideal scenario to cover the requirements of continuity of operation in an environment other than the usual workplace.

Advantages of migrating your Contact Center to the Cloud with Presence Smart Cloud 

  • Flexibility and Scalability

A cloud solution allows adaptation to the business, with the possibility of increasing or decreasing the number of licenses. The cloud service grows as your business grows. In other words, use and pay for what you need.

  • Premium Security and Reliability

There is a total reserve of operations. An efficient and redundant connection to keep your data and services always available and secure. All information is stored accurately, no matter what the situation. Therefore, data stored in the cloud is much more secure than on your computers.

  • Reduced costs

A cloud solution is much more cost-effective and less expensive. No initial investment in infrastructure is required to implement a cloud model in your contact center. You only pay for usage as it is required for your business.

  • Implementation and Efficiency

In a few hours, a cloud solution can be implemented. A rapid deployment and rapid implementation that allows you to continue your activities in an agile way, thus ensuring efficiency in your operations.

  • Mobility of course!

No matter where or on what device you access the information, you will have the data available at any time. All you need is an Internet connection and a PC. Your contact center will always be accessible from anywhere.

Without a doubt, migrating to a cloud solution has benefits that are undeniable. It is the right direction if you want to offer excellent customer experience and at the same time achieve your business goals.  Moving to a Cloud Contact Center can offer businesses of all sizes significant benefits, in addition to increased flexibility, scalability and security, better cost structures, and increased compliance.

If you want more information about how to implement Presence SmartCloud in your Contact Center, leave us your details and we will contact you to provide you with personalized service.

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