How to optimize software to improve customer experience in the Insurance industry?

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In this article, you’ll know to optimize software to improve the customer experience in the Insurance industry.

Let’s start this article with two important facts revealed by the latest Achievement Customer Amazement Survey by Forbes: ‘89% of your customers will leave because of a bad user experience, and 62% are willing to pay more in exchange for a good experience’. That indicates that the days are long gone when the price was the main reason for the purchase decision, especially for companies that sell intangibles, such as insurance companies. What people are looking for is to create a connection with the brand, to feel trusted and well cared for. For this reason, more and more of these companies are betting on technological solutions, more specifically on using software to improve the customer experience in the Insurance industry.

When we talk about customer experience, we are not only referring to the attention you can provide to your customer, as this can be done by any company. It’s about having efficient channels that help you build strong and lasting relationships with them to generate more revenue. And there is no better way to do this than through technology. So true is this that investment in software applied to the insurance industry globally surpassed pre-pandemic levels, reaching $7 billion, according to a report by NTT Data.

Why do 90% of insurance companies choose Enghouse?

It is important to mention that the first thing to keep in mind when selecting a technological solution is to ensure that it meets your needs and those of your customers. In other words, invest in one that is truly effective, that guarantees the achievement of your company’s objectives, and is quickly reflected in your ROI. This is precisely what most companies in the sector saw in Enghouse’s solution, and it has worked wonders for them! Here is a brief account of some of their achievements:

1. Europa Group:

  • Improved their ability to follow up on leads over the phone and maximized their sales.
  • Increased their customer contact ratio by 8%.
  • Optimized staff productivity and performance.
  • Decreased turnover from 20% to 5%.


  • Managed to unify all contact centers, allowing them to save training time by having a single application for contact management.
  • Unify statistics and commercial data for better analysis.
  • They can now obtain historical information on customer contacts.
  • Reduced their dependence on the IT area.

3. Admiral:

  • Streamlined operational management, reducing response times by 15%.
  • Increased the number of contacts per hour by up to 25%.
  • Reduced the percentage of abandoned calls from users with ratios < 34%.

You may wonder why it worked so well for them, and what’s so special about our solution? We’ll tell you:

Communicating with your customers through the channels they prefer

They say that each person is different, and yes, they are. Each of your customers has their lifestyle, problems, and needs, and that influences the ways or means of communication they use. Some prefer to make a phone call, others prefer to write an email, or maybe send a text via WhatsApp, etc. You have to offer this whole range of possibilities to facilitate their contact so that they can establish a relationship with your brand quickly and easily.

With our Contact Center solution, you can provide an omnichannel service thanks to the integration of multiple contact platforms. The key factor is that our system perfectly recognizes your customers and their relationship with your organization, regardless of the channel they use. That allows you to maintain the context of each interaction at all times, facilitating fluid and personalized communication. A feature that is essential if we follow the “2020 Customer Expectations Report” prepared by Gladly, which indicates that 79% of people prefer personalized attention to specialized marketing.  86% expect conversations with agents to run smoothly across channels.

An omnichannel strategy helps you increase up-selling, thanks to analytics and insight into user behavior. It is based on their choices as they interact across channels.

Fast and efficient solutions for your customers

There is nothing more annoying to a user than waiting a long time to be served and then not being able to attend to their request in the best way. When that happens, it only shows the inefficiency at the internal level of the company, and in many cases, this can lead to the loss of customers. Figures revealed by Aspect show that 72% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to poor contact center service.

Here is when the software to improve the customer experience becomes even more valuable.  Technologies such as Presence IVR and Presence Intelligent Routing allow routing each interaction to the most appropriate agent and department to handle it. It optimizes the quality of service and reducing the average call resolution time. That not only generates a user-centric service, but also significantly increases productivity. It also reduces operating costs and the possibility of human error.

But with our software to improve the customer experience in the insurance industry, you go further…

As a company that provides a user-centric solution, our main interest is to provide you with the tool so you can offer your customers what they need most. And one of the things that most interests a person when hiring an insurance service is the availability of attention because a claim can occur at the most unexpected moment.

That is why we have:

1. A system with which you can automate communications with your customers, achieving 24/7 interactions thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

2. Virtual assistance technology with which users can resolve the simplest procedures quickly and without the need to talk to an agent.

Opportunity to improve service according to your customers’ needs

Everything that can be measured generates opportunities for improvement. Therefore, nowadays, it is a ‘must’ to have tools that gather data about the company’s operation. In our solution, you will find several tools that will help you with this task:

  1. Quality Management Suite: allows the overview (calls, texts, or dates) of each interaction that the customer makes with the contact center, in such a way that allows you to analyze each of them and ensure the quality of operations. Videos with synchronized voice and screen capture can be exported and viewed using a web browser-based media player.
  2. Satisfaction surveys: there is no better way to know what your customers think or want than by asking them themselves. In addition, our system also helps you define what kind of surveys you should conduct with each user.
  3. Presence Reporting: monitor your company’s data both historically and in real-time, identifying trends and process flows and generating useful information to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase productivity and service quality.
  4. Business Intelligence: compiles all the information in an interactive and visual dashboard, which allows you to know and predict the behavior of your customers, facilitating decision-making and increasing business opportunities.

As you can see, all the advantages of our software to improve the customer experience in the insurance industry are designed so that your business has optimal performance and is enhanced every day through a completely user-centric service. If you want to know more about our solution and why 90% of insurance companies choose Enghouse to click the button.