Use case: Integration of video channel in the health sector

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The implementation of the video channel in healthcare is revolutionizing the industry by enabling the offer of remote medical care, eliminating physical barriers to accessing medicine, and ensuring a more personalized and quicker attention to the patient, increasing patient satisfaction.

There is no doubt that implementing the video channel offers several advantages, but many organizations are reticent to implement it due to technological limitations and associated costs.

Here we share a case study of how a healthcare company implemented the video channel to improve their services and support their patients through a CPaaS, without having to worry about whether they had experience using this technology.

Allscripts: Take the medical experience to another level with a video service

Allscripts, a developer of electronic health record (HCE) software, acquired the FollowMyHealth mobile application in 2013.

FollowMyHealth is a consumer-oriented application. It allows users to track and manage personal health and fitness information. It also allows users to interact with their healthcare professional securely, and users to store their medical history and data, enabling universal registration.

By integrating the appointment management software with the mobile app, Allscripts offers a comprehensive healthcare solution that increases the value of each appointment. Patients can now use the mobile app to schedule appointments and access lab results and consult directly with their doctor. Great, right?

But how did they take the apps to another level? They decided to add video calling to enable secure interactions between patients and healthcare professionals. this with the help of the VidyoPlatform solution.

VidyoPlatform makes it easy to embed video in applications for any device. This solution provides a consistent and simple API across mobile devices, desktop and browsers. So you can focus on delivering great user experiences, not on learning new APIs.

The ease of use of the VidyoPlatform APIs allows you to solve any complex integration challenges. You can embed video directly into custom workflows.

If you want to learn more about this platform and see it in action in real time, we invite you to try it out and access free minutes.