Minimise the risk of fraud in digital transactions and build trust with your customers.

Today’s potential customers are hyper-connected and use a variety of channels to choose their suppliers. So you have to stand out from the competition and build loyalty with your customers.

The digitization of activities has brought security problems, however, companies have the opportunity to implement new and more secure methods of identity verification, such as digital biometrics. Whether it is facial, voice or documentation.

Therefore, our contact center solution and our Vidyo platform have a biometric authentication system that has the following benefits:

  • Verify the identity of customers with an accuracy of 99.9%.
  • Perform the process remotely and takes only milliseconds.
  • Identify the person’s face, even if years have passed since the photo was taken in the database.
  • Guarantee that the user is alive and that there is no impersonation by means of a photograph, a static image, or a voice recording.

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