Obtain the closeness you need to take your customer service to the next level

Video interaction is growing exponentially and enables a more personalised experience. It not only saves time, it saves on  travel costs and for some reduces their carbón footprint. People are all about “here and now” looking for instant gratification.

Personalized interactions can be a necessity depending on the user and their requirement.  The ability to see a face in the case of a medical emergency, an interview or home assistance goes a long way. This visual provides confidence as well as peace of mind to the caller.

Video can deliver quicker decisión making, because you are not just hearing a voice, but connecting with a person. It creates a certain level of trust and association to the person you are communicating with.


By integrating Enghouse Interactive´s video tool into your contact center, it enables:

  • A substantial improvement in the ratio of time to resolve client queries/issues – right the first time!
  • A more superior customer experience, by providing that personal touch.
  • Establishing long term relationships through ongoing visual interaction creating a sense of trust and comfort