Increase the ROI of your outbound campaigns thanks to automation

Outbound call campaigns often present many inefficiencies in time and costs, due to the large number of unanswered or unsuccessful calls, because of for not finding the right contact.

The use of technology to automate outbound campaigns is critical to increase its results, but it is important that its integration is tailored to customer needs.

To achieve this, Enghouse Interactive’s Dialing solutions integrate with existing work environments in an intuitive and structured way, which allows for the rapid configuration and implementation of personalized outbound campaigns without programming skills.


By implementing Enghouse Interactive Dialing solutions you will:

  • Increase agent productivity: Up to 200%, as you can see in this case study.
  • Achieve high levels of accuracy: Thanks to the high detection rate of answering machines.
  • Increase ROI: Thanks to the speed and flexibility in the creation of campaigns, as well as an increase in contactability.