Transform your contact center from a cost center to a growth engine

Grow your business, improve contact center practices, and customer experience thanks to a tool classified as Strong Performers in Forrester wave.

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Transform your processes through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Achieve customer satisfaction by elevating your contact centre performance (first call resolution, service levels, closing ratios)
Simplify the management of your team with easy-to-use applications.
Scalable and easy-to-deploy tool
Improve contact with your clients by using their preferred method of communication (voice, chat, mail, social media, WhatsApp, IVR and video).
Build customer loyalty by improving the quality of service through quality management solutions
Guarantee intelligent self-service with l00% conversational and natural interactions

Why Enghouse Interactive?

Flexible and open architecture
It is designed with business criteria for the corporate user
Low total cost of ownership (TCO) and high ROI, easy to justify
Simplicity of administration, supervision and single-agent desktop (100% Web)
Capacity and high performance of its auto-dialer
Power and flexibility of its scripting tool
Configuration and campaign production in record time
Ability to integrate the agent seat
Efficient process automation