Design a winning strategy to increase debt recovery in collections

With the increase in delinquency, and the appearance of financial products more likely to generate it, such as fast credits, the optimization of debt collections processes is essential to increase the ROI in the Contact Center.

The design of a strategy, executed with the help of the most innovative tools, is key to optimizing management of debt recovery processes, thanks to the segmentation of debtors and the design of the process in a personalized way for each of these segments. As well as increase in contactability, thanks to the implementation of innovative outbound solutions.

Automation and the possibility of self-service increase debt payment ratios by improving the experience of the debtor, who does not have to talk to a person and feel judged. Enghouse Interactive has a virtual assistant for debt collections, which drastically optimizes these processes.

Quality measurement and reporting analysis are also very valuable to make predictions and correct deviations or errors in the processes.

Explore Enghouse Interactive’s solutions that help improve debt collections processes.


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