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How to avoid fraud in videoconferences

Verify the identity of users with Vidyo's integrated biometric authentication system

Wednesday, October 6th | 16:00 Johannesburg


How to minimize fraud in digital transactions and make customers trust your company

We will discuss the current landscape of digital insecurity and the strategies you can implement to prevent it from affecting your company and your customers.

Facial biometrics system integration with Vidyo

Learn how the facial biometrics system that you can implement from our videoconferencing platform works.

Use cases of biometric authentication in videoconferences

Find out which industries are already implementing this technology and how they have integrated it to provide greater security in their corporate processes.


Featured Speakers

Alexandre Carinhas

Sales Director for Iberia, Africa and Latin America, Enghouse Interactive

Miguel Ángel Adán

Public Sector and International Financial Services Manager, Veridas

Increases security by implementing biometric authentication

The growing and accelerated need to perform procedures remotely, avoiding travel and direct contact with people, has opened the opportunity to implement new and more secure methods of identity verification, such as digital biometrics, whether facial, voice, or documentation. Therefore, our  Vidyo platform has a biometric authentication system that allows us to verify the identity of customers while agents talk to them remotely, in just milliseconds and with an accuracy of over 99.9%

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