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Offer your clients faster and more personalized medical attention with high-quality video.

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Remote medical care

Eliminates physical barriers to access to medicine.

Optimization of costs and attention times

It guarantees faster care, allowing for greater patient satisfaction while reducing operational costs.

Interactive Care

Real-time communication between the patient and the remote health professional.

Real-time communication between the patient and the remote health professional.

Integrate Vidyo into your health services!

Some Institutions and Companies that trust Vidyo for Telemedicine

Why should you implement Vidyo for Telemedicine?


Patient’s information are not stored, and connections are End-to-End encrypted to ensure complete privacy of communications. HIPAA compliant.

Quality and Connectivity

Vidyo always adapts to the bandwidth available, our video platform offers up to 4K image resolution.

Total Integration

Vidyo integrates with a wide variety of ecosystems and any type of medical equipment to create well-rounded solutions.

Implementation Costs

Implementation costs are substantially lower because the platform is cloud-based, and uses fewer resources.


You can choose between full cloud integration and hybrid models.

Vidyo for Telemedicine is a flexible solution developed specifically for the healthcare sector, designed to integrate with leading systems, devices and other healthcare technologies and, most importantly, 100% secure, high-quality and HIPAA compliant.