Transform your Contact Center from a Cost Center to a Growth Engine


+17% Occupation of the agents


+17% in First Call Resolution


+36% Agent productivity


+55% Contacts per hour


-70% Time-to-Market


+24% Sales per hour / Conversion Levels

The most flexible contact center solution on the market, based on Microsoft Azure.

Offer a single customer service, support and communication, from anywhere and through any channel.

Smart Staff Optimization (SSO)

Take advantage of the benefits and opportunities that remote work brings to the Contact Center with a set of tools that allow you to properly manage remote operations.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Quality Management Suite
  • Workforce Management
  • Gamification for Contact Center
  • Vidyo for Contact Center

Easily integrate the interactive video channel into your applications, with the highest quality and resolution up to 4K UHD, thanks to the most secure, scalable and customizable video technology on the market.

You can build WebRTC, mobile, and native multiparty video chat apps.

Consistent APIs and SDKs to rapidly build your video chat app on all major platforms.

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Debt Collections

Offer self-service through a virtual assistant, emulating the experience of a collection agent and following the same business rules.

10% - 15%

Reduce agent calls by 10%-15%.


Increase contact rates with debtors by 25% allowing effective negotiations.


Optimize BPO processes by implementing technology-based solutions that improve the efficiency of operations and meet your customers’ needs.

25% - 35%

Increase the productivity of your processes by 25% to 35%.

30% - 40%

Improve efficiency in outbound campaigns with effective contact between 30% and 40%.

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Provide your customers with faster, more personalized care with high-quality video, 100% secure, confidential and HIPAA-compliant.


Increase remote patient monitoring by up to 40%.


Make more than 500 virtual visits per month.
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Video Banking

Improve the customer experience by offering additional touch points through the video channel, providing faster and more efficient personalized service in real time.

Each conversation increases engagement and understanding, which reduces the time for each transaction.

Improve each customer interaction by increasing loyalty, trust, and satisfaction with financial transactions and processes.

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