What is Smart Staff Optimization?

Remote working has become a valuable opportunity for contact center companies and even more so in times of crisis, when what really matters is to continue operations with total normality regardless of the location.

Remote Work Opportunities for a Contact Center

Onboard multi-language qualified professionals from anywhere in the world

Removing barriers to employment of people with disabilities

Motivate the agents’ performance

The possibility to decentralize operations

Still, although this working style presents an opportunity, operation management processes need special attention.

Lack of monitoring

Absence of control and service quality

The decrease in an agent’s motivation

To solve this problem and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities that working remotely brings to the Contact Center, we have launched this toolkit called Smart Staff Optimization (SSO).

Implementing this specific tool package, Smart Staff Optimization (SSO) will allow you to manage correctly the Contact Center when working remotely. Facilitating operation monitoring, carrying out timely and continuous KPI’s follow-up, and ensuring the quality of service delivery and motivation of the agents.

Working remotely can be as efficient as working at your business facilities. To achieve it, you just need to count on having the right tools.

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Workforce Management

As a result of working remotely, on occasions, the lack of supervision can become a real challenge because it is generally believed there is a connection between the worker’s productivity and the physical location of its supervisor.

A tool that provides all is needed for efficient staff management.

Appropriate dimensioning guarantees the achievement of all operation KPI’s.


  • Forecast demand
  • Create chronograms automatically
  • Precise and insightful reports
  • Improve general customer service operation
  • Dimensioning, forecast, and resource allocation in real-time.
  • Know who is available and which are the person’s skills, leveraging resources and demand, as well as reducing absenteeism.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tools in a Contact Center help make decisions based on data and information from clients to align well with the business. When working remotely, this solution allows you to visualize and share data dynamically and in real-time. Regardless of where the daily activities are taking place or which device is being used.

BI tools provide:

  • Precise and valuable information regarding the customer journey and experience.
  • It helps transform information into knowledge.
  • Improve the decisión making in companies, as well as the way to visualize and understand businesses, markets, and clients.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with market patterns and trends analysis
  • Improves the efficiency and productivity adapting customer contacting or customer service strategies.
  • It provides dashboards linked to the new reality, and therefore, allowing better identification of the root cause of interaction and focus on the client and his or her experience.

Quality Management Systems

Measuring quality is fundamental in the Contact Center business, and even more for those working remotely.

Quality Management Systems continuously evaluates interactions between agents and clients with the goal of giving feedback and obtaining insights for service improvement.

With it’s features, this tool:

  • Provide Multi-Channel recording (voice and data).
  • Multiple screen recording.
  • Speech analytics and speech to text.

This helps ensure that agents have both knowledge and behavior when delivering the service, helping to improve through one to one training, group training, or crash course.

It also helps those developing internal processes in companies as it helps know better the voice of the customer. This leads to the creation of specific roadmaps to boost overall customer satisfaction.


The world has changed and working style too. Remote working is on the rise and it is believed that in time its adoption will only increase. Therefore, keeping your agents motivated and committed is primordial in this current situation. And here is were Gamification plays an important role in Contact Centers.

Gamification is one of the strongest tools that can be used in a Contact Center in order to train agents efficiently and increase their level of commitment in light of any change in the company or technological change that needs to be put in place. To achieve this it uses games designed specifically to:

  • Create a bond between player and content
  • Invite the player to act
  • Favor teamwork and collaboration
  • Problem-solving through individual or group challenges
  • Process and concept learning

Equally important, thanks to this tool, it is possible to measure objectively competences to motivate agents to perform better their tasks and thus, fine-tune their skills.


Nowadays, technology has become the number one ally to work from anywhere effectively and productively.

Consequently, making sure to have the right tools for video collaboration will guarantee the management and execution of daily activities, as well as simplifying organizational processes.

With this tool, it is possible to create more direct, efficient, and faster connections. Those involved in the video conference can read the other person’s body language and comprehend better their expressions. This way, communication is made easier and it builds trust among the agents and with the supervisor.


  • Favor team working and collaboration
  • Increase and improve agent monitoring and connection times
  • Improve the capacity to contact the supervisor for support and training
  • Help increase and improve productivity