Quality Management Suite

Improve customer experience and agent productivity in the contact center, ensuring quality in all processes.
Quality Management Suite Includes:
Call Recording

Recording of interactions and real-time monitoring of phone conversations.

Screen recording

Real-time recording and monitoring of the activity performed by the agent on his screen.

Text Recording

Grabación de las interacciones generadas a través de texto, como email, IM, webchat y SMS.

Agent Evaluation

Call qualification and agent training.

Enghouse Interactive’s Quality Management Suite is a call recording solution enriched with a wide range of features used by organizations of all sizes around the world to ensure the quality of their operations, comply with legal regulations, or improve service levels.

With this tool it is possible to develop a complete view of interactions in the contact center, whether voice, text or data, allowing supervisors to not only hear what is being said on calls, but also observe what is running on the agent’s screen. Videos with synchronized voice and screen capture can be exported and viewed using a Web browser-based multimedia player.

By integrating a Quality Management Solution in the Contact Center, you achieve:

  • Ensure high quality customer service.
  • Increasing the productivity of the agents: Detecting errors and being able to train them in an agile way.
  • Obtain valuable information, analyze it, and apply it to processes.

Improve Training

No one likes to be watched while working. Quality Management Suite allows supervisors to monitor agents in real time, without interrupting them. This translates into higher motivation and job satisfaction, and therefore increased agent retention.

The tool shows the status of each agent, so supervisors can better utilize their training time and monitor interactions as they occur.

These interactions can be quickly evaluated using customizable dashboards, making training sessions more effective by using real examples of previously captured interactions.

Why Quality Management Suite?

  • Improves efficiency by evaluating agents without interrupting them.
  • Reduces risk and ensures compliance through call documentation.
  • Allows you to analyze and understand employee activity and user interactions.
    Optimizes business applications (such as CRMs) through simple integration options.
  • It makes it easier to analyze the impact of the training and identify gaps during its implementation.
  • Automatically measure conversational behavior in real time with the Real Time Speech Analytics module.

Evaluate, Train, and Measure

The Agent Evaluation module together with the optional Real Time Speech Analytics module makes it easy for contact center supervisors to provide feedback to agents on their job performance.

The tool allows you to focus on key business KPIs and which agent behaviors have the highest conversion rate to achieve your goals. Gaining better insights into performance trends is simple with built-in reports.

Any type of interaction captured can be analyzed, measured and evaluated, with full motion video or desktop video recordings. Supervisors can review the evaluations with the agent, highlighting examples of recorded interactions to illustrate key learning points.



Options for recording, storing and analyzing all customer interactions regardless of channel, supporting audio, text and screen recording. Supervisors can easily identify missing compliance, process errors and other problems by analyzing historical records, as well as monitor and train agents in real time.


Start, pause and end recordings directly from the desktop. In addition to monitoring the recording in real time, you can create labels and alerts.


All modules are available in a single web-based interface, which requires minimal training.


The evaluation module allows supervisors to rate staff according to a variety of criteria, from properly greeting customers and providing them with the correct information, to selling products.


Languages supported are: English, Spanish, French, Canadian, Italian, German, Swedish, Arabic, and Portuguese.


When used with the Real Time Speech Analytics module, it allows you to automatically analyze recordings or dashboards updated in real time.


Quality Management Suite integrates with other Enghouse Interactive products, as well as with all types of contact center and CRM tools.