Professional video tool for banks

Using video en banking processes improves back and front end, and enriches customer experience.

Nowadays, customers expect to solve their problems easily and quickly, but without overlooking aspects like a personalized customer service o trust, particularly in the banking sector. With process automation, banking digitalization and fewer in-branches, these factors have suffered erosions and caused dissatisfaction.

Integrating video customer support in banking platforms help balance perfectly banking hours and routine operations automation, and delivers the personalized attention banking users demand during consultations or transactions

Main Benefits of Telebanking

Reduced costs, both operational and other types of resources.
Improved resolution time by offering a personalized solution each time to the client’s need. Automating interactions of lesser importance between the client and the company can help increase first call resolution ratios in case of needing attention urgently.
Increased customer satisfaction, who can receive service from their personal advisor without needing to meet in person or during fixed hours. Therefore, loyalty, up-sell and cross-sells will increase as well.

Why are we leaders in Tele-Banking video platform?

Quality and Connectivity

Medicine needs great precision when taking care of patients, whether through a simple video consultation o assisting surgery on the other side of the planet. Vidy always adapts to the bandwidth available, our video platform offers up to 4K image resolution.


One of the main features of this platform is its security. Patient’s information are not stored, and connections are End-to-End encrypted to ensure complete privacy of communications.

Implementation Costs

Implementation costs are substantially lower because the platform is cloud-based, and uses fewer resources. You can choose between a full cloud integration or hybrid models.

Full Integration

Vidyo integrates with a wide variety of ecosystems and any type of medical equipment to create well-rounded solutions.