Gamification for Contact Centers

Motivate your Contact Center agents generating tangible results in your satisfaction and in their operation.

By integrating this solution in the Contact Center you will achive:

Create a link between player and content

Invite the player to act

Encourage teamwork and cooperation

Problem solving through individual or group challenges

Learning of concepts and procedures

Incentivize motivation towards achievement, favoring the objectives of the Contact Center

Apply game dynamics to motivate the competitiveness of your agents.

Encourage employee motivation by applying game dynamics to the context of work in the Contact Center.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is one of the most powerful tools that can be used in a Contact Center to train agents more efficiently and increase their level of involvement in any organizational or technological change that needs to be implemented.

It’s an interesting strategy to increase agent engagement, at the same time that improves performance and generates more results.

Tangible results with Gamification


21% increase in campaign profitability


20% increase in sales and sales quality


12% reduction in absenteeism on the platform


17% increase in productivity

How to achieve results with Contact Center Gamification?

Setting objectives and goals
  • It is important to always know where you want to go and base it on experiences associated with the KPI’s of the services.
  • With individual or group objectives.
  • Intermediate objectives (flying goals and sprints).
Performing constant follow-up
  • Recognizing progress and achievements. Encourage competition among participants.
  • Create different rankings to match the different skills of the participants.
  • Offer constant feedback based on points and positions.
  • Players receive push messages on their smartphones with their position or other motivational messages.
Offering frequent prizes
  • They are indispensable to maintain the interest of agents and teams.
  • Rewards can be delivered through codes that players receive in the application.
  • The frequency of reward delivery depends on the needs of the game. (usually weekly delivery) and will not always be financial rewards.