Automate your calls and interact with users efficiently through voice recognition.

Deliver self-service, optimize customer service quality and reduce average call resolution time.

Through the use of IVR technology, offer self-service, optimize the quality of customer service and reduce the average call resolution time. It also ensures a smooth transfer of all types of calls between self-service and assisted care. And in addition to the call itself, it also transfers the entire context of the communication. In this way, it provides the human agent with all the information needed to deliver the best customer experience.

Take advantage of the information

The IVR processes the information obtained during self-service to facilitate fast and appropriate routing, always according to the customized rules established by the company. Unified routing enables intelligent, competency-based rules to be applied to both inbound and outbound calls.

Improve and optimize inbound operations

Use the IVR to prevent inbound communications from queuing. Answers calls and collects relevant data to find the right agent for each interaction, improving customer satisfaction and facilitating proactive contacts.

Initiate new campaigns in an agile way and call your customers through an IVR system for specific situations. Want an example? Imagine there is a power outage. In that case, the distribution company could record a message with the expected resolution time and automatically call your customers, as well as initiate a survey to ask them if they are satisfied with the service.

Self-service reinvented


  • Customers manage issues quickly and efficiently through voice menus, commands, and touch-tone controls.
  • Information on a variety ofservices, such as automated appointment reminders, fundraising, surveys, to generate a positive experience.
  • Extend service to 24×7, atno extra cost. Improve FCR rates and reduce humanagent call handling time.

Personalized, Excellent Service at Any Time Any Place


Calls back customers, at their own request, saves the customer ́s place in the queue avoid the customer from waiting for too long.


Seamlessly blends self and assisted service by transferring voice and data. Maintains full call context of the customer interaction.


Simulate a human dialog and adapts the conversation to the customer ́sanswers dynamically.


Leverages information obtained from self-service to select the most appropriate routing strategy.


Scripts can be customized on the fly to meet changing business needs, improve customer satisfaction, or help in cross-and upsell campaigns.


Communicating with customers with personalized, relevant messages improves customer relationship and increases loyalty.