Biometric Authentication in the Contact Center

Offer security to your customers and avoid fraud in any digital transaction through our integration with the biometric authentication system.

By implementing this solution you will be able to:

Increase users’ trust in your brand.

Authorize online transactions through biometric authentication.

Verify if a new user is on a blacklist.

Verify a customer’s identity in real-time, regardless of language and text

Detect duplicate identities within the customer database.

Minimize the risk of fraud in digital transactions and build trust with your customers

The growing and accelerated need to perform procedures remotely, avoiding travel and direct contact with people, has opened the opportunity to implement new and more secure methods of identity verification, such as digital biometrics, whether facial, voice, or documentation. Therefore, our contact center solution and our Vidyo platform have a biometric authentication system that allows us to verify the identity of customers while agents talk to them remotely, in just milliseconds and with an accuracy of over 99.9%.

Measurable results


Traditional identification call process time


Increased conversion rates thanks to real-time identification.


Accuracy in identity recognition.

Some use cases

Opening of bank accounts

It allows customers to open accounts remotely in a matter of minutes, eliminating the costs associated with manual processing.

Credit card processing

Elimination of credit card fraud. Verify customers’ identity documents and guarantee the identity behind the cardholder.

User authentication

Through a selfie (or voice) to authorize online transactions in just moments with a powerful anti-scamming and proof of life system.

Signature of documents

Sign all types of electronic documents quickly and easily.

High security and reliability in the Contact Center

This biometric authentication system can be easily integrated into any customer communication platform and allows:

  • Identify users within the first 5 seconds of their call.
  • Visualize the results immediately on the agent’s console so that he/she can accept or reject the initiated transaction if the minimum requirements established by the entity are not met.
  • Reduce the time wasted in the traditional identification process.
  • Improve security against phishing attacks.
  • Provide a smoother and more reliable user experience.