The implementation of Enghouse Interactive´s chat on your website will let you:
Convert your website into a sales:

Tool guiding customers in their search for information and resolve possible doubts in real-time.

Improve the user experience:

By providing immediate answers to questions or concerns, leading to quick resolution eliminating dissatisfaction.

Reducir la insatisfacción del cliente:

Al obtener respuesta inmediata y resolución muy rápida a sus incidencias.

Turn your website into a dynamic tool and transform visits into customers

Most users perform all kinds of web searches before making a purchase decision. It is therefore strategic for brands to make it easier for users to find the solution they need within a website.

The most effective way to achieve this is to integrate a chat on the website that is assisted by an agent, who will guide users in their search until they find the product or service that best suits their case.

A chat is also a very powerful tool for the support area, since it allows visibility of the problem that the client is having, through screen sharing tools.

Webchat is fast becoming the preferred channel of preferred channel and is the fastest growing channel in contact centers.

Webchat and its importance in the customer experience

Webchat is rapidly becoming in the preferred channel of customers and is the fastest growing fastest growing channel in contact centers. From the customer’s point of view, it is immediate, easy and convenient. For the contact center, it offers great benefits thanks to its efficiency and some other gains that are not voice calls: agents can help more customers in less time and manage multiple interactions time and manage multiple interactions simultaneously.

A webchat solution allows the end customer to perform multiple tasks at the same time while placing their order. Moreover, this interaction seems less compromising than a and at the same time much faster, as the customer has real-time contact with the companies without having to listen to long companies without having to listen to long announcements or hold music.

Cost reduction

Webchat has the ability to reduce the costs of managing customer interactions, automating this process while maintaining a high level of service quality. Offering service to our customers through their preferred communication preferred communication channel, results in a high index of satisfaction, which allows us to build long long and lasting relationships.

Agent Support

Supporting your agents is critical, and the success of this practice is directly influenced by the technology used in the contact center. A differentiating differentiating factor in offering a solution that increases productivity of the operation is to ensure that the webchat tool is fully integrated with other communication channels. If we use the chat as a stand-alone solution, there will be no real real recognition of who is the person with whom we are we are interacting with.

For example, we could be a customer of a company company and have spent a lot of money on its products or services, but if the company has no visibility visibility into this, then it won’t be able to let the agent know at the time of managing the interaction and it will treat us like any other customer.

Maintain the context of interaction: Omnichannel

Successful contact centers have agents trained to manage interactions in any communication channel and can eliminate downtime downtime by dealing with them when the voice channel channel is inactive. This means that the technology tools must also be able to schedule and and control how many voice, email, SMS, and chat interactions the chat the agent receives at any given time

Escalating Needs

But what if the customer’s requirement is more complex? That would require a much higher level of empathy that cannot can’t be solved just through the interaction webchat.

It is very important to view the customer journey as a conversation and not as a series of separate interactions or separate events. It doesn’t matter if the communication started with a chat session and then turned into a voice or video call. video.