Introduction to omnichannel Contact Center

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By implementing an omnichannel contact center strategy you will:
Improve customer experience:

No more unintended messages, repetition of data and multiple messages on various channels.

Increase in sales and upsell opportunities:

Data analysis of user behavior based on their choices as they interact through different channels.

Increased loyalty:

Enhanced customer experience through more personal interactions based on their needs and preferences.

Design strategies that integrate multiple, interconnected communication channels for a seamless experience to deliver the best customer service.

Connect with your customers no matter where they are and offer them a seamless Customer Experience through any channel and for any query. Know your customers and their relationship with your organization perfectly, and always maintain the context of interaction, whatever the communication channel.

To achieve this, you need to adapt your technology to be able to not only offer a unified experience across any channel and regardless of the number and order of interactions, but also be able to analyze that data and use it to deliver a personalized customer experience.


  • Increase up-selling thanks to the analysis and knowledge of users’ behavior and based on their choices while interacting through different channels.
  • Increase loyalty due to better experience and personalization of messages, taking into account user needs and preferences.
  • High levels of satisfaction guaranteed
  • Simple and effective communication through access to the user’s conversation history for better understanding and more efficient interaction.
  • 360° knowledge of the customer, in real time and from any area of the company.
  • Let your customers always choose the channel they prefer, regardless of the channel.
  • Automate and integrate all business processes from start to finish to ensure a consistent customer experience while increasing customer loyalty.

How to integrate a winning omnichannel strategy

We explain the steps to integrate an omnichannel structure in your Contact Center that will help you optimize your resources and generate more benefits for your company. Customer service will be more efficient.

Preliminary Analysis

  • Before offering your Contact Center customers an omnichannel solution, you must analyze in detail the capabilities of the Contact Center in this respect. You need to take into account the resources you have available.
  • On the technology level: What capabilities does your contact center software have if it is integrated, or can be integrated, with other social media management tools, chatbot or WhatsApp?
  • At the human level: Are your contact center agents and supervisors trained to manage this type of campaign?

Planning and personalization

  • It is not the same to set up an omnichannel journey for a collection process that for a than for a sales process or e-commerce support. É a new analysis for each of the processes where you want to implement this omnicanal strategy.

Automation and self-service

  • Most users prefer to resolve their transactions without having to interact with a human and immediately. Integrating chatbots into any of the customer service-enabled channels is key to addressing this preference. Chatbots can resolve the simple and usual maneuvers 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • You must know at all times what happens in the processes you manage in the contact center, to detect inefficiencies or opportunities for improvement. A quality tool that allows you to have all this control, as well as extract reports and establish improvement measures, will take your contact center strategy to another level.

Why choose Enghouse Interactive's omnichannel contact center software?

With Enghouse Interactive’s software you can create unforgettable experiences with the utmost confidence and security and connect with your customers no matter where they are, providing a seamless and seamless experience. As well as:

  • 360 degrees of customer knowledge, in real time and from any department.
  • Unified interaction distribution thanks to intelligent routing.
  • Fully customized cycle
  • Customized reporting and analytics for maximum insight into the customer journey.