Easily integrate the video channel into your Applications.
Rapidly Embed Video Chat Into Your App

Bring personal human interaction to your app by adding high-quality video communications. Using Vidyo APIs you can rapidly embed rich communications into any web, mobile, or desktop app.

Extreme Reliability

Reduce frustration and increase engagement for users of your app with reliable video communication.

Fully Customizable

Deliver a fully integrated user experience while maintaining your brand with flexible customization.

Mobile Optimized SDK

Mobile device users experience uncompromising video quality with highly optimized mobile SDKs.


Faster time to market

Vidyo APIs dramatically simplify the complexity of building cross-platform interactive video with consistent cross-platform APIs resulting in less time learning new APIs and fewer bugs.

Unburden your developers

Developers can focus on building a great app rather than becoming video experts. With a cloud-hosted option, your developers will rapidly embed group video chat into mobile, web, and desktop apps.

Key Concepts

VidyoPlatform comprises a high-quality video cloud service coupled with a VidyoClient SDK. The VidyoClient SDK offers the same APIs on all supported platforms, offering a fast learning curve and enabling rapid development on all device types.

Vidyo.io Cloud Service

This is the backend service that the VidyoClient SDK and ultimately your own application interacts with. It enables support for multiparty conferences, smart routing of video, resource allocation and management, and many other functions.

VideoClient SDK

This is the client-side SDK that your application calls when it needs to add video support. The VidyoClient SDK shares the same APIs across multiple platforms.

Your Application

This is the application that you are developing. It has a lot to do with your own service and a bit to do with video communications, which is where it interacts with the VidyoClient SDK. To make it simpler, we’ve created a reference application that you can use as a starting point for your own app.

Why VidyoPlatform?

Dynamically Optimized Video

With Vidyo.io dynamic optimization technology, every video call is continuously optimized for every endpoint in the call. Each endpoint receives the highest quality video possible.

Scalable Video Coding

Vidyo.io leverages Scalable Video Coding (SVC) to encode video into separate layers. The amount of video layer information can be increased or decreased as needed to deliver the optimal video stream by varying resolution and frame rate.

Geographically Optimized Video

Vidyo.io is powered by a global footprint of data centers with endpoints connecting automatically to the nearest data center for best performance. Connecting to users who aren’t local? No problem! Your video traffic is transmitted between data centers to maintain the best quality and lowest latency possible.

Mobile Device Optimization

Mobile devices have smaller screen resolution and limited processing capability. The Vidyo.io routing core selectively forwards a slimmed down stream that is ideal for each mobile device.

High Resolution Endpoint

Some uses require large high-resolution displays that demand higher quality video. The Vidyo.io routing core intelligently forwards the high-quality video image to provide up to 4K video to the endpoint.

Vidyo.io Routing Core

The Vidyo.io routing core receives video from all endpoints and adapts the outbound video for each endpoint receiving the video. It dynamically changes the amount of video sent to each endpoint based upon available bandwidth, CPU strength, and screen resolution.

Network Adaptation

Nobody’s network is perfect. Vidyo.io automatically and continuously adjusts the video stream to fit the available network bandwidth. You get the best quality video your network connection will allow, even over wireless.