WhatsApp and Social Media

A customer service strategy that facilitates self-service through Enghouse Interactive´s chatbot on social media or WhatsApp will allow you to:
Improve the customer journey:

By making it easier for users to decide where, how, and when to interact with a company.

Offer a true omnichannel:

Experience delivering comprehensive communications irrespective of the channel with the complete aggregation of information.

Increase in customer information:

And preferences through data analytics and artificial intelligence tools.

Gain a competitive advantage by integrating social media and WhatsApp into your customer service strategy.

WhatsApp is the most common communication channel in the world, followed by social media messaging applications. Users not only communicate with other users, but increasingly, use them as a channel of communication with brands.

This data, together with the growing trend to manage or resolve incidents in a self-managed way, exposes an opportunity to implement chatbots across all these channels.

Manage all interactions from a comprehensive platform, don’t lose sight of context, automate responses and combine human attention with chatbots. Integrate WhatsApp messages into the Contact Center’s single queue and assign them to the most appropriate resource at the right time.

Similarly, combine Social Media management with a workflow that integrates all communications into one knowledge base and ensures that both personalized and standard responses reach the customer.

Interactive and natural Customer Experiences

With the constant growth of communications and interactions through social platforms, customers expect to interact with brands on their terms, through their preferred contact channels.

This can be difficult as their expectations are not always met. Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an important role in this, with the development of bots/intelligent assistants with natural interactions capable of recognizing specific phrases and requests without the need to speak to an agent.

High levels of satisfaction assured

Establish or strengthen communication with your customers through different digital and social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, allowing you to improve their experience, decrease costs and time required in telephone attention and increase revenue with a better use of human resources.

Simple and effective communication

Use a bot as initial communication, aiming to support users with frequently asked questions and answers and common transactions. When users need to contact an agent, the interaction is moved to the most appropriate available agent through a chat interaction in All-in-One, allowing the agent to have access to the user’s conversation history and context for better understanding and more efficient interaction.