The Leading Live Video Chat Platform for Customer Engagement

Engagement is More than Meetings

Interpersonal connections with customers require a different kind of communications solution.  Advanced end-to-end
workflows and integrations are key to powering seamless, high-impact video experiences for long-term, high-value customer relationships.


Build trust that drives long-term business value via video chat and document sharing with your customers.

Remote Expertise

Better utilize scarce resources by making them available via video to remotely access situations and expedite resolution.

Contact Center

Escalate high-value cases and customers to video-enabled agents for more effective resolution.

Point of Sale

Reduce wait times and offer access to more services and resources through video-enabled kiosks.

A Branded Multi-Channel Experience

Customers expect a familiar brand and user experience from your website, mobile app, or in-branch kiosk. With VidyoEngage, you can offer a consistent experience across numerous channels with a professionally branded and highly configured workflow.

Cloud-Delivered & Expertly Configured

VidyoEngage is rapidly delivered from the cloud and configured for your organization by leveraging Vidyo’s deep expertise in customer engagement solutions design, project management, and user adoption. Our expert partners ensure a successful launch of your organization’s video customer engagement program.

Easy Integration

With VidyoEngage, the integrations that your business demands are at your fingertips:

Embed the video channel into your existing contact center or CRM platform.

Add digital identity verification and digital signature workflows to your video meetings.

Allow your video recordings to be stored and analyzed by your workforce optimization software.

And much more — virtually any custom integration can be built to meet your unique requirements.