Preditive Dialer

Achieve maximum productivity in each campaign by increasing useful contact rates and maximizing agent activity time.
By integrating a predictive dialer into the Contact Center, you achieve:
Increase operational efficiency by up to 100%:

Avoid wasting time on wrong contacts, and reduce call handling times thanks to the use of advanced dialing algorithms.

Campaigns can be created in hours:

You can scale them with just a few adjustments to the content, as well as run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Increased agent productivity:

Using advanced scheduling algorithms can increase agent productivity by up to 100%, allowing them to spend less time scheduling and more time talking to their customers.

Multiple campaign development:

The best Predictive Marker technology allows you to develop campaigns in hours instead of days and also allows you to scale them, making adjustments to the content and even running multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Regulatory compliance:

Prevents unwanted calls to customers, as it maintains lists of phone numbers directly within the dialer, so there is no chance of dialing contacts that should not be called, even if the data was accidentally entered into the CRM database.

Increase the ROI of your outbound campaigns through automation

Outbound calling campaigns usually have many failures in terms of time and costs, due to the large number of missed or unsuccessful calls because the right contact is not found.

Using technology to automate outbound campaigns is key to increasing campaign results, but it is important that its integration is adapted to the customers’ needs.

To achieve this, Enghouse Interactive’s dialing solutions integrate into existing working environments in an intuitive and structured way, allowing you to quickly set up and implement customized outbound campaigns without programming skills.

Implementing Enghouse Interactive's predictive dialer has helped us reduce costs and improve productivity and efficiency in our contact center.

Jazz SinghManaging Director, THE DIRECT TRAVEL TEAM

Customer communication is an increasingly important point of differentiation for companies, regardless of size or industry.

Optimize customer communications by increasing operational efficiency and agent productivity with the best predictive dialing solution. “Enghouse Interactive’s predictive dialing solutions allow you to connect with as many customers as possible in the shortest time while remaining compliant with regulations.

Achieve an average agent productivity of 50 minutes per hour!”