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Our All-in-One platform simplifies the way we connect all points of the customer journey to deliver a seamless, cross-functional experience and significantly improve productivity and service quality.

Solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our customers, according to the sector, vertical or process.

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Customer Service

Offer the best experiences in any interaction with customers, through the implementation of the right technology that allows you to achieve excellence in service.

Consumers are no longer looking for products and services, but for experiences. Customer service plays a crucial role in several business sectors, such as banking, insurance and finance. Although physical offices are closing, they still need to create and maintain relationships with their customers to build customer loyalty and retain them.

Having the right tools in place will allow you to optimize your contact center operation and improve the customer experience.

With Enghouse Contact Center solutions you will be able to: Exceed your customers’ expectations; Improve retention rate; Increase FCR and boost productivity.

Marketing and Sales

Optimize and improve marketing and sales actions with a unified customer journey that allows you to convert information into commercial opportunities.

The success rate can rocket thanks to smart tools that improve campaign performance. Marketing and sales departments help expand brands and improve business.

With Enghouse Contact Center solutions you can: Expand your business quickly; Improve contact rates; Get more leads and Sell for more.

Smart Staff Optimization (SSO)

Benefit from the advantages and opportunities that remote work brings to the Contact Center with a suite of tools that allows you to properly manage remote operations.

The tools that are part of SSO are: Business Intelligence, Quality Management Suite, Workforce Management, Gamification for Contact Center and Vidyo for Contact Center.

We have the right solutions to enable remote work, ensuring the employee experience, as well as a seamless service, providing a solid foundation and the agility to adapt to different scenarios that may appear.

Debt Collection

Improve debt collection processes with the implementation of innovative tools, through automation and self-management.

Maximize debt collection segmenting by debtors and use a customized approach for each transaction. Not all debts and debtors are the same and debt collection companies need to adopt a customized approach according to the age of the debt, customer profile and payment arrangements. The key is to segment and choose the right communication channel in each case.

With Enghouse Contact Center solutions you can: Increase recovery rates; Reduce operational costs; and Improve agent performance.


Increase the ROI in all your Outsourcing processes thanks to the implementation of an innovative and flexible Contact Center solution.

Business Process Outsourcers provide customer care, telemarketing, debt collection, etc. for companies in all sectors, be it banking, retail or telecommunications. BPOs need a contact center solution that fits the requirements of the different sectors, in a competitive way and without losing their innovative edge.

With Enghouse Contact Center solutions you can: Have all functionalities in a single platform; Omnichannel contact management and access to each customer’s profile.


Offer your clients faster and more personalized medical care with high quality video. With our Vidyo solutions for Telemedicine, you will be able to develop diverse care scenarios for greater reach, as well as integrate with other healthcare technologies, and most importantly, 100% secure and HIPAA compliant.

Provides the best service at the most crucial moments. Whether it’s monitoring a patient’s progress or, crucially, scheduling medical appointments. Healthcare institutions should have the necessary tools to meet the needs of their patients.

With Enghouse Contact Center solutions you will be able to: Have a 360-degree customer view anywhere, anytime and in real time.


The integration of video attention in the banking platforms helps to achieve the perfect balance between time flexibility and automation of routine tasks, and the personalized attention that banking clients require.

Artificial Intelligence

Increase your agents’ productivity by intelligently automating repetitive or low-level tasks and processes.