Workforce Management

Efficiently size available Contact Center resources and increase productivity.
By implementing this tool in your contact center you will achieve:

Improve service levels without increasing operating costs, by reducing periods of understaffing or overstaffing.

Increase revenues, thanks to the reduction of abandonment and waiting times, while increasing up and cross selling.

Improve employee productivity by 30%, thanks to clear goal setting and metrics, performance feedback and greater scheduling flexibility.

Increase the productivity of your contact center by balancing available resources and service demand.

One of the most difficult tasks for contact center managers is the efficient sizing of resources. Getting the most out of them is essential to support peak demand and deliver a unique customer experience.

Enghouse Interactive and U-WFM’s Contact Center Workforce Management solution facilitates the forecasting and scheduling of contact center staff in an easy-to-use platform designed to increase agent retention and productivity and reduce administrative overhead.

Maximize the value of every customer interaction

The only constant in contact centers is change. Disruptive new technologies and changing customer preferences impact inbound campaigns, which means centers need to constantly evolve to survive.

Undoubtedly, the role of the call center agent has changed. The image of a telephone agent with a headset is now outdated; contact center employees also manage web, social media and email conversations in addition to answering calls. To maintain a competitive edge, contact centers need solutions that engage employees, who are the key to delivering the right customer experience.

As a result, contact center managers now have to deal with complicated decision-making and management. One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks is workforce management, the process of forecasting call/contact volumes and scheduling agents to meet service level targets. With more than 75% of budgets going to personnel, effective workforce management is an economic necessity for a well-run contact center.

Workforce Mangement on the cloud

Enghouse Interactive’s WFM tool is an easy-to-use cloud platform, connected in real time with the contact center solution, and with different options designed to increase agent retention and reduce administrative overhead.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Reducing workforce costs by more than 20%, while maintaining service levels.

Average 30% increase in staff efficiency – using WFM’s powerful forecasting, scheduling and monitoring tool and through real-time adherence.

We can provide an ROI document, estimating the cost savings of using WFM compared to using Excel or replacing the current WFM vendor. WFM is an OPEX item, not a CAPEX item, which makes it easier to justify.