A unified communication single application for chat, video, telephony, and contact centers

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Stay connected with your team and instantly find the right expert for faster customer resolution

An unique omni channel solution that offers an elegant user experience for threaded, persistent chat and robust video collaboration

Start relevant discussions with your teams & clients anywhere and anytime

Private 1:1 chats connect you to the right expert for a quick answer.
Collaborate efficiently with your team by setting up group conversations and accelerating Customers’ case resolution.
Transfer and share all your important files with your teams so that you never miss an important document and information, adding value to your customers.
Instantly search and find files, conversations, or experts to answer your clients’ questions.
Show your customers that they are your top priority.
Reduce email clutter and save precious time to start conversations with your customers.

Collaborate over video and take care of your customers

Start video meetings with clients and internal experts to create strong Human relationships for the moments that matter.
Robust, resilient, and optimized for mobile, collaborate with video from anywhere and any device.
Find the best expert in one second ask them to join your video meeting to answer directly to your customer.
Share several computer screens at the same time during your video meeting to explain and resolve issues faster than ever.
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¿Por qué somos líderes como plataforma de vídeo para Telebanca?

Video meeting

Create an interactive relationship and increase your productivity

Multiple screen sharing

Guide your customers to help them efficiently

File sharing

Forward important documents to your teams and customers in a few seconds


Never miss critical calls with our PBX functionality

Add in favorites

Follow important groups or people in your organization so you never miss essential information

Availability status

Identify in a second who is the best expert available to answer your clients

Branding and White-Labeling: create your own corporate experience

Boost the visibility of your brand and strengthen the loyalty of your customers while leveraging Enghouse’s focus and expertise.

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Collaborate in your own environment thanks to our open API

Facilitate the life of your employees integrating all our powerful collaboration features in their own environment.
Future-proof: Ensures that customers can distribute services across digital channels, devices, and interfaces.
Easier to update: Saves time by reusing code and taking advantage of public, published APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
Leverages automation: Will work with leading automation applications that connect thousands of apps into workflows, making Enghouse UC more versatile, flexible, and easy to use.
Opens revenue streams: Facilitates the adoption of the platform economy, digitization, automation, and IoT (Internet of Things).

Easy to use Microservices Architecture

Empower engineers with the ability to easily scale up or down following a specific element’s requirements.
Offer a true CI/CD communication environment to enterprise customers.
Fast-track deployment by easily building and testing individual components.
Increase profitability and free up developer resources with the ability to modify services without rebuilding the entire application.
Equip customers with revolutionary technology by providing fast and controlled upgrades without slowing down or halting the apps.

Complete and Hosted Telephony Services

Seamless integration of telephony and collaboration

Enghouse provides you a complete and powerful telephony solution.
Never miss a call with important people. Thanks to our PBX functionality, always reach the right expert in a minute anywhere, anytime from any device (Find Me / Follow Me, SimRing, Extension Dialing, Hunt/Ring Groups).
Benefit from new end numbers or toll free numbers for customers.
Facilitate local number porting or toll free porting.

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