What requirements should the best
contact center software attend?

Contact Centers have become a growth engine for businesses, now they are the point of contact with customers, and the key to improve customer experience.

A contact center platform must adapt to the constant changes in consumer behavior and transform the customer journey to ensure a constant experience at any stage.

These are some of the requirements that a contact center must meet:

  • Flexible and open architecture
  • Designed with business criteria for the corporate user
  • Low cost of ownership (TCO) and high ROI, easy to justify
  • Ease in management, supervision and a single agent desktop (100% web)
  • Auto-dialer capacity and high performance
  • Power and flexibility scripting tool
  • Set up the campaign in a minimum of time
  • Agent position integration capability
  • Effective process automation

Improve your Contact Center engagement

Empower your workforce with simplified processes. Increase the productivity of your operations with solutions that allow you to motivate the performance of your agents, as well as obtain the right resources for predicting and scheduling activities.


Transform your customer service into an Omnichannel Contact Center

  • Design strategies that integrate multiple interconnected communication channels for a constant experience, and to provide the best customer service.
  • Connect with your customers no matter where they are and deliver a seamless customer experience from any channel. Know your customers and their relationship with the company, and always maintain the context of the interaction regardless of the communication channel. Follow a true omnichannel approach built into the customer experience strategy.

Connect with your customers no matter where they are and offer them a seamless customer experience across any channel and for any concerns.



  • Develop proactive actions that allow you to achieve higher customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Boost your campaign performance and contact rates.
  • Turn leads into consumers, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Implement an innovative outbound campaign management tool that allows you to increase productivity and profitability.


Integrate Automation and Self-Service options

  • Increase customer service in less time. Enable automation process to ensure a seamless, personalized, and excellent customer experience.
  • Improve your brand image. Give customers the tools they need to find the information they’re looking for, order products and services, or solve problems for themselves. Nowadays, customers prefer to solve their doubts without having to ask for help.
Automation and Self-Service

Provide a 24×7 available customer service one click away, offering a easiest customer experience.

Take care of your customers with Quality and Analytics

Add customer service parameters to your contact center that ensure customer satisfaction. Increases ROI and process efficiency by successful development or areas of improvement.

Quality and Analytics

Provide an excellent quality in customer services detecting possible shortcomings in the processes.

Enghouse Interactive
Contact Center Software Benefits

Grow your business, improve your Contact Center's customer experience and processes with the Strong Performers in Forrester Wave tool.

  • Improve your processes with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Achieve customer satisfaction by increasing Firt Call Resolution ratios
  • Manage your team with intuitive and easy-to-use applications
  • Scalable and easy to implement
  • Improve contact with your customers by offering them omnichannel attention through any communication channel (voice, chat, mail, social networks, WhatsAPP, virtual assistant and video)
  • Increase customer loyalty by monitoring and improving service quality
  • Intelligent self-service with 100% conversational interactions