Using video in

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Using video in medicine helps make it more efficient.

Although its implementation has been accelerated and pushed by the situation created by COVID-19, Telehealth has been positioning itself for some time has the ideal solution to offer a personalized attention for aspects such as health, without the need to leave the house.

This is crucial in isolated communities or difficult to access to, or in cases in which moving the patient is not recommended. But it can also become a great opportunity, to offer primary attention via video in cases of emergencies or routine consultation, lowering costs and efforts, while maintaining the human touch and quality of attention.

Main Benefits Of Telehealth

It helps overcome social barriers in Health, as it eliminates physical barriers to medical access.
It is the best option to solve many voids in the Health System, in instances when vulnerable populations lack medical attention.
It ensures a faster service. This results in higher patient satisfaction and reduces operational costs.
It enables better use of recourses across the organization.

Why are we world leaders in Telehealth video platform?

Quality and Connectivity

Medicine needs great precision when taking care of patients, whether through a simple video consultation o assisting surgery on the other side of the planet. Vidy always adapts to the bandwidth available, our video platform offers up to 4K image resolution.


One of the main features of this platform is its security. Patient’s information are not stored, and connections are End-to-End encrypted to ensure complete privacy of communications.

Implementation Costs

Implementation costs are substantially lower because the platform is cloud-based, and uses fewer resources. You can choose between a full cloud integration or hybrid models.

Full Integration

Vidyo integrates with a wide variety of ecosystems and any type of medical equipment to create well-rounded solutions.

Some of the Companies and Institutes that trust in Vidyo for Telehealth