For meetings and collaboration.

Transform team collaboration with a unified and reliable experience across all endpoints, from conference rooms to desktops and mobile devices.

For customer engagement.

Power customer or patient interactions with a video experience that delivers a face-to-face human interaction to your website, kiosk, or mobile app.

For App development

Unburden your developers with easy-to-use SDKs and a global network, so they can focus on building a great app rather than being video experts.

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Why Vidyo?


Security in communications





Upto 4K image quality

Optimized for mobile


Vidyo’s patented platform integrates with virtually any application, environment, network, and device to deliver the highest quality experiences that strengthen teams, build trust, foster long-term relationships, and improve quality of life for everyone.


Whether embedding real-time video using and our rich APIs or through integrations built into the VidyoCloud platform, enterprises and entrepreneurs alike reimagine their business models while delivering improved outcomes.


Vidyo has invested and continues to invest in the success of your business. Everyone, from our partners who help widen and extend our reach, to our clients, who share good practices with others. Together we have made real-time high-quality video communication a new standard.

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