Automate communications with your customers enabling 24/7 interactions thanks to Artificial Intelligence.
By integrating Enghouse Interactive's omnichannel chatbot into your contact center strategy you will achieve:
Save costs and increase productivity:

by dedicating agents to higher value-added tasks, while you dedicate the chatbot to the resolution of routine and/or less valuable managements.

Improve customer service:

Since you guarantee that the customer always receives a response.

Reduce frustration:

If the chatbot does not manage to solve the request, it automatically refers the management to an agent.

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Users expect to communicate with companies at any time and through any device. And they also demand that these communications be efficient, personalized and context-aware.

Automating these communications thanks to a chatbot integrated into any contact center service channel, including Whatsapp, is a great competitive advantage.

Thanks to Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding, Enghouse Interactive’s chatbot is able to offer a more efficient and contextualized attention than the agents, for the case of routine managements.

Enable 24/7 interactions with your customers

Bots are automated agents that interact with your customers at any time. Enghouse Interactive’s chatbot enables an omnichannel approach to every interaction with every customer by facilitating collaboration between bots and human agents. It automates the delivery of an omnichannel customer journey that unifies customer interactions regardless of where they are initiated.

Customers can initiate self-service interactions, communicate with a chatbot or voice bot, refer their query to a human agent (on their own or the bot’s initiative), and end the interaction with either.

The bots feature speech recognition (ASR) and speech synthesis (TTS) technology. These technologies drive the conversation with the customer in very diverse cases: direct contact requests, debt collection, audits, etc.

Chatbots are a key element to improve customer engagement in areas such as sales or customer service.