Make a difference in customer experience through exceptional human voice interaction

The implementation of Enghouse´s innovative technology for the management of the voice channel will enable:
An Increase in First Call Resolution:

Using the tools, the agent will have all the information required to resolve all queries in a single interaction.

Increase customer satisfaction:

By providing a personalized, professional, and efficient experience.

Improve contact ratios:

Intelligent routing of calls will increase the efficiency of the contact center.

The telephone channel continues to be the preferred channel for a large number of customers. The resolution of complex requests, complaints or in the event that problems have arisen in other channels, voice remains a key communication tool.

Voice should therefore not be overlooked but embraced. Companies should use this tool  to take advantage of providing a personal touch, exceeding user expectation.


  • Extends the offer of differentiated services based on the customer’s value and situation to telephone customer service.
  • Optimizes average call handling time and associated costs without compromising service quality.
  • Reduces call abandonment rates and optimizes the use of available lines and the agent time.
  • Reduces agent training cycles, reducing the cost to make them productive.
  • Facilitates immediate collaboration with another department or resource and maximizes the first contact resolution rate.
  • Facilitates continuity and follow-up in the management of each customer issue until it is fully resolved.

One of Our Most Powerful Solutions for Your Critical Customer Voice Interactions Inbound

Voice Inbound is a call management platform that together with Intelligent Routing provides a working scenario for contact centers based on powerful and flexible pre-routing and agent distribution logics.

Voice Inbound enables blending of outbound and inbound calls, as it integrates with Voice Outbound functionalities.

It also provides a complete history of interactions with the customer through the telephone channel and automatically identifies the customer by phone number.

In combination with the rest of the All-in-One modules, it provides the agent with all the necessary tools to optimally manage each contact in the shortest possible time, increasing first call resolution rates and guaranteeing the best possible service and experience.