By integrating this tool in your contact center you will:
Increase productivity:

By being able to measure and compare the performance of agents and technological resources, service quality and compliance with established processes.

Improve customer experience:

By quickly detecting deficiencies of all kinds, including processes, technology and the agents.

Take control of your Contact Center by analyzing the information generated in it

The huge amount of data generated in the processes managed in the contact center, not only makes it essential to store and analyze this information, but also to order it for its correct visualization by the different profiles.

Enghouse Interactive’s reporting tool provides a 360º view that, together with the ability to analyze historical data and real-time monitoring of both contacts and business processes, is critical for analyzing the results and KPIs of agents and other indicators.

In addition, the customization of these reports allows them to adapt to the needs of each process and simplifies their development.