Enghouse Interactive’s Consulting and Service Optimization Program is designed to transform the Contact Center into a growth engine for companies.

To this end, our professionals will focus on optimizing the All-in-One solution to the maximum, adapting it to your specific needs and casuistry, in order to achieve excellence in the customer experience, as well as increasing the ROI of the services provided in the Contact Center.

To achieve this, there are a series of packages focused on very specific objectives:

  • Operative Workshops: For improvement and optimization, controlling the fulfillment of indicators and designing strategies for debt collections processes, telesales, customer service and backoffice, among others.
  • Operational Review: Focused on consolidating and deepening the functionalities of the All-in-One and increasing the productivity of a specific service.
  • Performance Manager: For the optimization and tuning of the All-in-One at an operational level during the term of the contract, taking full advantage of the solution through the use of strategies, diagnostics and business information.

Thanks to the implementation of these packages you will achieve:

  • Productivity increase of the dialer, in terms of % of agent occupation.
  • Improvement of operational indicators (% of abandonment, % of conversion, % of probability of contact, among others).
  • Support in achieving SPH, payment promises, service levels and customer care
  • Business alignment and use of COPC metrics (permanent measurement)
  • Support in the optimization and management of the contact center to comply with the main KPIs of the business.