Obtain the closeness you need to take your customer service to the next level

By integrating Enghouse Interactive’s video tool into your contact center, it enables:
A substantial improvement in the ratio of time:

To resolve client queries/issues – right the first time!

A more superior customer experience:

By providing that personal touch.

Establishing long term relationships:

Through ongoing visual interaction creating a sense of trust and comfort

Video interaction is growing exponentially and enables a more personalised experience. It not only saves time, it saves on travel costs and for some reduces their carbón footprint. People are all about “here and now” looking for instant gratification.

Personalized interactions can be a necessity depending on the user and their requirement. The ability to see a face in the case of a medical emergency, an interview or home assistance goes a long way. This visual provides confidence as well as peace of mind to the caller.

Video can deliver quicker decisión making, because you are not just hearing a voice, but connecting with a person. It creates a certain level of trust and association to the person you are communicating with.

Integrate video-attention as one more channel in your omnichannel contact center strategy

The introduction of video, as another channel of communication in the Contact Center, improves collaboration between customers and agents of customer attention services. It allows a more natural and fluid understanding between people, making it more similar to the treatment obtained when we are attended in person. This is why the use of video and audiovisual applications makes sense in order to satisfy expectations when it comes to receiving a closer and more personalized service.

Evolving at the pace of digital transformation

The Video Interactions solution responds to a technological trend in which video applications play a prominent role, such as in the Internet environment, social media or advanced communications services

Real-time communication just a click away

To create and process audiovisual content, audio, video and data, only a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera) is required, as the connection is managed by the WebRTC protocol, natively supported by the most commonly used browsers today.


Leverages the same intelligent routing strategies based on business rules and ACD distribution used for conventional telephone calls.

Agents use the same telephone device (physical or softphone) in which they receive conventional telephone calls, avoiding the use of double terminal and making it easier for agents to concentrate on the service instead of managing several applications.

It integrates the video-call channel as an additional service for agents, combined and integrated with the management of interactions in existing channels such as regular calls, e-mails, Web chats, etc. This includes a single agent application, supervision, reporting and statistics of services enabled with this new type of