Finish what you started!

By integrating Enghouse Interactive´s Email and SMS management it enables:
Enhanced customer experience:

through unified services and ongoing access to all the information relating to services performed.

Optimize the agents’ work:

That they can take advantage of times of low phone activity to manage these channels.

E-mail and, to a lesser extent, SMS, are the channels preferred by users to receive documentation, booking confirmations, information on products and services, invoices, warranties, contracts and all types of communications that can be saved and stored.

Optimize Electronic Client Contact With Mail Interactions

Electronic communication with customers has become nearly as universal as telephone contact. In fact, because of its convenience and the written record it provides, there are many instances in which electronic communications are actually the preferred contact method of many customers. However, many contact center solutions don’t provide the same functionality for email management as they do for voice communications.

Mail Interactions offers a full range of management features and capabilities that make email, fax and SMS channels fully integrated parts of your contact center activities.

Mail Interactions Lets You:

  • The possibility of email being an essential element to access the historical record of your customers.
  • Message routing using predefined criteria to adapt to business processes and ensure it is directed to the most qualified agent.
  • Ease of use through the same agent’s unified interface.
    And much more!

An Email Response Management System With Full Functionality

  • Routing
  • Message Templates
  • Text
  • Prioritization in reply
  • Email History

Email Management With Benefits That Only a Complete Contact Center Solution Can Offer

  • As part of a comprehensive, fully integrated platform, Mail Interactions helps improve the productivity and profitability of all your contact center activities.