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Selling a SaaS Contact Center solution has never been easier

By 22 de junio de 2022No Comments

Are you a reseller of Cloud solutions? Then this is for you. Now you can offer a SaaS Contact Center software without worrying about anything else but getting the customer, we take care of everything else.

Between 2021 and 2022, the number of Cloud services resellers has increased. In fact, according to Context’s ChannelWatch survey, 53% of resellers in Europe sell between 1 and 3 offerings, 29.5% sell between 4 and 10, and 17% sell more than 10 services. This shows that the road is getting harder and harder, as the high number of negotiators in the market makes it difficult to expand the client portfolio and increase profits. This is without adding the infrastructure costs that must be assumed, and in which several companies are investing. In fact, it is estimated that for this year, spending on cloud infrastructure will grow by 21.7% in 2022.

It is not our intention to set alarm bells ringing, but these are data and we have to give them. Just as the good news needs to be told. Counteracting the above, more and more companies are required to migrate their on-prem solutions to the Cloud, or even exploring to change their current solutions for others that offer greater advantages and functionalities aligned to their business needs. In other words, although there is a lot of competition, there are also a lot of markets. The important thing to keep in mind as a reseller is to have differential values in:

-The solution you offer is at the forefront of technologies and with necessary functionalities.

-Eliminate implementation and infrastructure costs. Selling a solution in which the provider is in charge of providing all the infrastructure and services.

Luckily, with Enghouse Interactive you get both. It has never been easier to sell a SaaS contact center solution than it is with us, and here’s why:

1. What is the Enghouse Interactive solution?

Enghouse Interactive is a leading global provider of contact center software and services, delivering optimized customer care services and transforming the contact center from a cost center to a powerful growth engine. We have the LARGEST portfolio on the market, including our Presence SmartCloud solution. Our SaaS contact center product delivers everything a contact center needs: an exceptional, reliable, and flexible multi-channel experience while helping you meet your business objectives.

Presence SmartCloud features


Customers use and pay for what they need. We have a flexible licensing scheme that allows the customer to dynamically combine 2 packages according to what they need at any given time.

Premium Security

With Microsoft Azure infrastructure, and a secure and redundant connection to keep data and services always available and secure.


No license limitations prevent you from adapting to seasonal increases or decreases in business. Add positions and channels according to your campaigns.

Improved Cash Flow

The customer can use what you need for their business. Unexpected usage increases are billed with delay.


Solution based on Microsoft Azure, which guarantees availability from anywhere and at any time.

Leverage IT resources

The customer will be able to improve the efficiency of their teams, as Enghouse offers End to End support and outsourcing of services, infrastructure, and costs.

What would be your gains?

As a reseller, during the contract, you will receive up to:

  • 20% commission the first year
  • 15% commission in year 2
  • 10% commission in year 3

2. You only have to take care of bringing customers, Enghouse takes care of everything else.

Your investment in selling Presence SmartCloud will be $0, while your earnings will be according to your business potential. In other words, we will provide SaaS services from start to finish and you won’t have to worry about infrastructure or a strong financial structure.

With Enghouse, you as a reseller will have more sales opportunities, because your offer has an added value that supports you not only with a product of excellent quality and with a great exit in the market, but the infrastructure of a multinational company that will ensure the implementation of the solution and provides excellent service to customers you bring.

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