Debt Collections Solutions: Demo Collections Virtual Agent

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We´ve already seen how to optimize debt collections through contact centers solutions endowed with artificial intelligence. Notably these tools satisfy automation tools of debt recovery intelligently. Hence they offer different payment alternatives depending on type of debt and debtor´s profile and guarantee confidence during the automatic negotiation process

Collections Virtual Agent help improve customer journey of debt collections. Consequently, increasing chances of a successful debt recovery while offering satisfactory customer experience

Collections Virtual Agent intelligence and efficiency in automation of debt collections

This virtual agent solution automates debt recovery efficiently. Using text and voice recognition engines and integrating them with voice, chat, and SMS channels. Hence allowing emulating the experience offered by a real contact center negotiator. Specifically, through natural interactions that enable debtors to self-manage their requirements.

In addition, Collections Virtual Agent allows building dynamic self-service flows with excellence in customer attention. In particular, based upon the same business rules offered by a live negotiator. As a matter of fact, this facilitates offering alternatives for all types of situations. Depending on debtor´s profile, type of debt and its amount. Thus, all of the above converges in providing a friendly and flexible customer experience that increases chances of successfully collecting debt.

Benefits of Collections Virtual Agent in Debt Collections

This solution integrated with the contact center platform and other artificial intelligence technologies offers

  • Self-service with specific strategies depending on debtor´s profile and type of debt
  • Campaign feedback based upon results obtained to maximize its efficiency
  • Increase productivity by optimizing agents management times, allowing the virtual agent to focus on more routine tasks
  • Reduction of operational costs by 20%
  • Increase useful contact rate by 25%

In this video we show you how Virtual Collections Agent allows automation of debt collections efficiently and optimize customer experience

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