What are the benefits of a Responsive Insurance Contact Center?

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The benefits of a Responsive Insurance Contact Center

Customer service is one of the most important factors in any type of business, or industry. Especially insurance companies. They quickly get ahead of the competition by effectively resolving customer queries and doubts, offering an excellent customer experience.

I dare to say that the most important business areas for an insurance company are customer service and sales! Sales because the business would not exist without customers; therefore, it is necessary to acquire new customers in order to succeed and prosper. And customer service because the customer is the most valuable asset and the cheapest and most effective advertising through word of mouth.

An Ernst & Young survey says that:

“40% of consumers choose to continue the relationship with their insurance because of the quality of the experience”

How can insurers achieve this when customer needs and expectations change at lightning speed? Thanks to a responsive insurance contact center!

The insurance contact center makes every customer feel valued, unique and special.

This happens right when customers arrive at the contact center. However, sometimes it is difficult due to inconveniences such as high call volumes, which prevent the contact center from handling them in time.

A concierge application recognizes the customer, greets them by name, and offers options of interest, which avoids long waiting lines and transforms the experience into a positive one.

If the customer chooses to wait for an available agent, the concierge app makes the experience as pleasant as possible, offering or collecting relevant information from the customer, which later helps the agent resolve the issue, saving time for both parts.

Keep your customers off the phone and close to digital

Customers know what they want and they want it fast. And this applies even more to insurance companies. Forget the phone and free up your agents to handle the really important issues.

Every other query can wait for hours, even days. Identify what’s urgent and make sure customers don’t waste time waiting in queues or having to call more than once for the same reason. For example, if someone has had an accident, you can’t have that person waiting to speak to an agent. On the other hand, if it is not urgent it can be solved by other channels, such as email or WhatsApp.

Integrate social media with other traditional channels for a complete customer view.

90% of users use social networks to communicate with brands.

63% expect companies to offer customer service on social networks.

Source: ValueWalk

Insurance companies have to be where their customers are. However, if they choose to be on social media it should be 100%. I’ve heard some stories of customers using social media to contact customer service and getting no response; or being forced to follow the brand first to get a response. That’s certainly not the way to do it. If insurance companies choose to provide customer support on social media, they should make sure that interactions are integrated with other channels and managed by agents without restriction. Don’t force customers to follow you on social media in order to respond to them. The responsive insurance contact center unifies all interactions, regardless of the channel, and unites all customer data in a single repository.

It allows conversations to continue, using as many channels as necessary.

We live at a frenetic speed where no one has time to resolve an incident from start to end and in a single time, or through a single channel. On the other hand, we spend a few minutes over several days to resolve the incident. Insurers must support each customer and circumstance and offer the most personalized Customer Journey possible. A responsive insurance contact center allows customers to communicate with the insurance company as if they were a friend or family member. For example, start the conversation by email, call a few hours later, use WhatsApp, and so on. All these interactions will have no time limit, allowing customers to continue the interaction where they left off, regardless of how much time has passed.

Enables customers to help themselves

67% of customers prefer to use self-service instead of talking to a company representative. If customers don’t want to talk to an agent, companies should adapt and offer other equally effective ways for customers to get answers.

Self-service is beneficial to both parties.

Customers are happy to find solutions on their own and the company reduces customer service costs. However, what happens when the customer does not find an answer to their query? Alternatives must be offered, which means that the contact center must be operational 24 hours a day.

A responsive insurance contact center can provide uninterrupted service by redirecting the customer to digital channels such as WhatsApp, or to a bot-powered concierge application, which can provide support until a human agent is available to talk.

The requirements and needs of insurance company customers change rapidly, and answering calls no longer meets those needs. The competitive advantage is clearly the quality of customer service! Offer your customers a responsive insurance contact center!

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